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wholesale Illustrations of Cupping Therapy
Illustrations of Cupping Therapy
Illustrations of Cupping Therapy

Illustrations of Cupping Therapy

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Author Tao Xianyue
Publisher Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
ISBN 7532399532/9787532399536
Published Ocotober,2009
Pages 128
Size 32K
Edition First
Format Paperback
Language English
Page material gelatine plate paper


Product Description:
With illustrations, rich contents, and clear explanations in both Chinese and English, this book can serve as a useful reference for clinicians, medical students and overseas students as well as those who are interested in self care and treatment.
Chapter 1 General Introduction
1.1 Definition
1.2 Mechanism
1.3 Functions and characteristics of cupping therapy
1.4 Common cupping tools and characteristics
1.5 Common cupping methods and characteristics
1.5.1 Fire Cupping
1.5.2 Flash cupping
1.5.3 Cup ironing
1.5.4 Retained cupping
1.5.5 Moving cupping
1.5.6 Rotating cupping
1.5.7 Cupping with acupuncture
1.5.8 Cupping after blood letting
1.5.9 Cupping after Guasha
1.6 Operational procedures and precautions
1.6.1 Operational procedures
1.6.2 Precautions
1.7 Common reactions and management
1.7.1 Normal reactions
1.7.2 Abnormal reactions
1.7.3 Prevention and management of abnormal reactions
1.8 Indications and contraindications
1.8.1 Indications
1.8.2 Contraindications

Chapter 2 Internal Diseases
2.1 Common cold
2.2 Cough
2.3 Asthma
2.4 Palpitations
2.5 Forgetfulness
2.6 Vertigo
2.7 Chronic gastritis
2.8 Gastroptosis
2.9 Gastrospasm
2.10 Diarrhea
2.11 Vomiting
2.12 Abdominal pain
2.13 Abdominal distension
2.14 Hiccups
2.15 Constipation
2.16 Hemiplegia
2.17 Facial palsy
2.18 Costalpain
2.19 Sciatica
2.20 Headache
2.21 Insomnia
2.22 Obesity

Chapter 3 Surgical Conditions
3.1 Cervical spondylosis
3.2 Stiff neck
3.3 Shoulder periarthritis
3.4 Chronic lower back pain
3.5 Herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc

Chapter 4 Gynecological Conditions
4.1 Irregular menstruation
4.2 Dysmenorrhea
4.3 Uterine bleeding
4.4 Morbidleucorrhea
4.5 Pelvic inflammation
4.6 Prolapseofuterus
4.7 Postpartum abdominal pain
4.8 Insufficient lactation

Chapter 5 Skin Conditions
5.1 Acne
5.2 Urticaria (Hives)
5.3 Eczema

Chapter 6 Pediatric Diseases
6.1 Infantile diarrhea
6.2 Infantile enuresis
6.3 Infantile malnutrition


Illustrations of Cupping Therapy


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